Pisa city break

A Pisa city break can be a great way to spend a long weekend. No matter the time of year the sites of Pisa can be enjoyed during a relaxing if short period of time. The Piazza dei Miracoli best known for Pisa’s iconic tower can be crowded later in the day but early morning you’ll find the area deserted. The open spaces that time of morning will be especially attractive to photographers but also to anyone who wishes to enjoy the sites in tranquility.

Climbing the tower of Pisa

If you intend to climb the tower on your Pisa holiday you’ll need a ticket with timed entry. The timed entry means you don’t need to queue for hours. You only need to arrive in the area before your time slot. Tickets can be bought online up to twenty days in advance. Or they can be bought on the site. If you buy online you will have a better choice of time slots for your climb. On a shorter city break this may be important. At the same time you buy your tower ticket you can also buy tickets for the rest of the square. It may not be an obvious choice but the cemetery (Camposanto) includes many interesting sites. If you’re traveling during the heat of summer you will likely find it cooler then the outdoor parts of the city.

In addition to the tower and the cemetery you’ll find the Baptistery and the Cathedral. In the Baptistery if your timing is right you’ll have an opportunity to hear the acoustics. Demonstrated by a member of the staff. Every thirty minutes a staff member will sing to show the assembled crowd just how good the acoustics are. On entering ask the person at the door when the next performance will be.

While the Baptistery is a feast for the ears the Cathedral is a feast for the eyes. It may be less famous than the tower but it’s equally worth your time. If anything the Cathedral will take more of your time. Those who don’t climb the tower can easily take it in from outside in a brief visit. The Cathedral on the other hand is a large building requiring a greater time investment.

Arriving and leaving

You will likely be arriving for your Pisa city break either at the airport or by train. From the airport you’ll find the Pisa People mover with a current fare of €2.70 one way. The people mover will take you to the city central train station. You can also take a cab from the airport.

The city is small enough you can often walk from the station to your hotel. If not there are city buses. Your hotel should be able to provide detailed instructions.

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Pisa city break
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Pisa city break
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