Travel insurance for Europeans

It doesn’t matter where your city break is or how brief you should think about your Travel insurance.  Failing to exposes you to risks best avoided. You may be visiting a large city like Paris or a small hamlet protecting yourself makes sense.


The European Health Insurance Card aka EHIC provides you emergency care abroad at the same cost locals pay. It’s the first thing you should apply for when you’re considering a trip outside of the country. The EHIC makes travel insurance for Europeans traveling in Europe less costly but remember the EHIC only really covers emergency health care.


The EHIC card is free and relatively easy to get but remember it’s intended only for emergency care

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance on the other hand provides a wider range of benefits. Repatriation likely being the most important health related benefit. If you have an accident or fall ill you may not be able to travel home easily. The cost of your return flight can be shocking. You may simply miss your return flight or need to return earlier in either case requiring an expensive last minute ticket. Or if your condition is serious enough you may require special travel arrangements. That could mean traveling home with a doctor or even being transported by ambulance if your condition makes flying impossible. In these extreme cases the cost of repatriation can be exceptionally high.


Travel insurance can also save you from other less serious problems. Trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, lost or delayed baggage can all be covered by your insurance.  Luckily none of those issues are life threatening but insurance can save your holiday or at least keep it from becoming a nightmare.


Insurance companies have a nasty habit of hiding important information in the small print. Don’t assume the insurance covers what you might need. READ everything they provide. Read what is covered. How you’re compensated. If there are any exceptions.

Outside of Europe

The EHIC only covers you within the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. If you’re traveling outside of this area you’ll need to make sure you have health cover. In some countries like the United States an emergency room visit for a fairly minor accident can cost more than your vacation. The relatively small cost of health insurance should be included in your holiday budget.

Exotic or risky destinations

Standard insurance does not always cover you if your destination is considered risky. It also won’t cover you if you take part in dangerous sports. Make sure your insurance is valid for the types of activities you are planning on and for the locales you are heading to.

Travel insurance for Europeans
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Travel insurance for Europeans
Travel insurance for Europeans. EHIC and other insurance for your city break
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